Photographic Expressionism

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The community is designed for everybody. Anyone can join, and anyone can view. I would like for everybody joining to have a few pictures they wish to contribute, however, there are no specifications. You may join even if you do not take pictures, or can not post pictures.

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Online Picture Hosting

Because of the nature of this community, you will need a photo host. One that will allow you to post to external servers. I have provided a small list to get things started. Keep in mind that it cost a lot of money for these companies to operate, if you have a little extra money, by all means upgrade to a paid memebership to these sites.

Free sites
www.flickr.com !!!Highly Recommended!!!

Recommended Pay Sites
www.fotki.com !!!Highly Recommended!!!</b>
www.mac.com (must use apple)

If there are any other good free sites, or great paid sites please email them to me. Also if one of the sites above is no longer active or taking new users email me as well.

Rules for posting
1. No pictures wider than 600 pixels. Pictures wider than this should go behind an LJ cut.

2. Only one picture per post. Multiple pictures should go behind an LJ cut.

3. Commenting must be allowed, and must be done on photojournals site, NOT YOURS.

4. Constructive Criticism is allowed, and prefered. NO PHOTOBASHING, ie: "Your photo sucks" If this is done, your post will be screened, and you will lose your posting access.

5. Photography with nudity is allowed, if tasteful, but must be behind an lj cut, and must have some type of warning such as "Not Work Safe" or "Nudity" or, well you get the point, I don't want people who happen to view their friends page at work be flashed with something inapropriate, even if it is art.

6. No advertising, the last thing people want to see is a solicitation to their new great community or their brand new journal. If you would like to mention this, or want to have this on your post, I have no problem with it if you place it after your picture, after your lj cut.


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